I need help please my sv was takin by hws without warnings

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What happened: I need help please my sv was takin by hws without warning
Player(s) with issue:[2ndLt] W.Hammer[PTF]
Server: SAN
Time (cb:time): 1:30pm est
Playfield: GG
Structure Name(s): Write here
Structure ID(s): Write here
How can we help you now: my sv [ Ammo Transport was takin by hws without warning , we got the warning about the spear but not the ammo transport would like a chance to remove it from gg or at least get the stuff out of it

i was sure it was a class 1

You got your warning:

22.11.2017 18:24:41 @ Faction TBF: You are only supposed to have a Class 1 SV on Golden Globe. Please lower your Class by 1: ammo transport (5370944), Class: 2, or they will be taken after 2 more Warnings!

I have changed it back to TBF.

It’s as I said: GG has a Class 1 ship limit since the start of HWS 7, but for now only on paper (Map description). Nobody cared and ignored it until one guy reported to me that I have forgot to enforce the limit.
So here we are now - all correct.

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thanks rex and another ? when is san gg gold dirt going to be fix

What do you mean with fixed?

Sanctuary digging in mountains does not have gold, just…dirt (crushed stone).

that does not require a “fix”. It was a occasual feature which comes and go. On NA and EU it will be dirt soon also.

That makes me a saaaad panda. : )

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