I need help please - need reset pls

Hi there I just started this game for the first time on the NA server and got stuck in the cockpit of someone elses ship somehow and lost all of my starting gear when I died from hunger and since I can’t get back into their shi[ and no one from that faction is online and I now don’t have a single item or survival equipment and was just wondering if I could be reset since this is my first character and I can’t find anything online about what to do when I have nothing and no one in chat knew what I should do and I would prefer to not have to switch to the EU server where I often can’t communicate with people just so I can play. Would really appreciate a reset so I can just start normally :stuck_out_tongue:

My chars name is Polkapopsodaco if you need that. Thank you!

Hey @polkapopsodaco and welcome! :slight_smile:

You can reset yourself with the chat command


Let me know if you need further help.


thank you for quick reply! worked.

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