I need help please - Neoburge edition

======= NOTICE FOR HELP ======

What happened: PVP starter C1 prison will eat you if you are on a motorcycle It ate me and I was stuck with no admin to help - forced to reset and lose my faction and inventory. I want back in my faction and put back into the appropriate playfield?
Player(s) with issue: Neoburge
Server: hws NA
Time (cb:time): 9/8/2018
Playfield: Lawless PVP starter
Structure Name(s): Write here
Structure ID(s): Write here
How can we help you now: help put me back in my faction with the resouces that I lost. no one in my faction was at a level to add me back at the time - I was reset and want to start again with my materials that were lost.

You may want to examin the starter area for the Lawless PVP starter - the Prison will suck you in side of it if you attempt to ride near it with your motorcycle.

Thanks will do that. Never heard of it happened beforeā€¦

As soon as you are online the job is processed regarding your faction and inventory.

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