I need help please(only fresh start available, i did have my base set as home and all that)

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: Died in Pvp area and theres no option to respawn at base.
Player(s) with issue: Me(qreid021093)
Server: EU
Time (cb:time): approx 745 est(sorry had to log out to go to work and didnt know i needed the time)
Playfield: black hole
Structure Name(s): none
Structure ID(s): none
How can we help you now: im thought id have the option to respawn at my base on eden but there was no option other than fresh start. my base id is 40858776 if that helps, but i really dont want to fresh start.

OKAY 1st you always need a back up jump ship in your factory ready to spawn along with a spawning pad to spawn it on THIS IS A MUST BEFORE YOU ENTER A PVP AREA! as you will alsowyd get killed eventually

2nd due to a rule that rex has implemented you can only do fresh start now as the home spawn is sometimes bugged i woudl suggest that you get an alliance with some factions or get other people to join your faction so in oder if this happend again they can come toyour aid so that you have options rather than using fresh start.
Also there is a full wipe this friday please keep that in mind too.

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