I need help please raising base just a little bit

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: Spawned too low to place grow plots
Player(s) with issue: Ballistic Chicken
Server: North American
Time (cb:time): Thurs Jan 25th about 5:30am
Playfield: Eden
Structure Name(s): The Chicken Coop
Structure ID(s): 17674691
How can we help you now: Can the base be raised up about a foot. The creator’s instructions on the steam workshop said to use the red lines as placement, but when I did that, the steel blocks that are where you put the grow plots after spawning ended up about 6 inches under water so the plots cannot be placed now. Need it raised up if possible just enough to place the grow plots where the neon green blocks are under the grow lights.

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Thanks a lot.
Sorry I wanted to do it while you were online, but I got a call.
I raised it 3 meters. Let me know if it is better now.

It’s perfect. All the grow plots went in without issue. Thanks so much for the amazing turn around and help.

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Glad it helped :slight_smile: