I need help please, reporting a container bug

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What happened:
=> At roughly 14:25 NA server time I transferring gold ingot from my Eye ship to another SV via the F4 menu. The SV container had nearly a full container of gold ingot in it already…the container on the Eye have roughly 2/3 full container of gold ingot. I used the arrow to transfer gold from the Eye. It filled the remaining empty slots with the ingot from the Eye container, then the rest of the ingot disappeared. I do this everyday move things from containers and have never had an issue.
I dont expect the 1/2 full container of gold ingot to be replaced, but if this is a confirmed bug it could prove to lose alot of resources for alot of people.

Player(s) with issue:
=> HoboTruth

=> NA

Time (cb:time):
=> 14:25

=> Atlantis

Structure Name(s):
=> ARES ii (sv) HOBO EYE (garage sv Eye)

Structure ID(s):
=> 25140501 (sv) 19455540 (eye)

How can we help you now:
=> Im just reporting a bug. Confirmation would prove F4 tools needto be avoided for the time being. If theres anyway to get back the disappearing gold that would be awesome! Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hey @HoboTruth

thanks a lot for the report!
Devs, Community and I already wondering what is going on and if it’s maybe because of the 1000 stack change from 999.
But more and more report that in combination with F4 / Logistics. We are still investigating.

About your gold: unfortunately we have no logs of Logistics / Loot inside container, so we can’t intervene here :frowning:

If you can somehow reproduce it all the time, that would be awesome. We can make a video and send it to Eleon then for a fix.

I actually ended up finding the ingot. I did reproduce the bug once, but didn’t try more in fear of actually losing resources. It seems when you use the arrow key to transfer contents from one container to another, if the receiving container is almost full, the entire contents of the sending container transfers into it, thus creating a container with over 100 slots, it even provides a scroll bar for the new “combined container”. Although when i reproduced the bug, the contents of the sending container only displayed volume and nothing in the item slots. This is a weird one. I will try to make a video next time i log on.

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If other people are still having issues, you can tell them to look out for an “empty” container that has volume and just arrow it into another container and the “missing” loot will appear

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