I need help please - SV changed to HWS ownership

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What happened:
=> My son who plays as TekWzrd had his Cave Reward SV changed from Faction to “HWS” and cannot access it anymore

Player(s) with issue:
=> TekWzrd

=> NA

Time (cb:time):
=> 07:54
=> Freelancer HQ

Structure Name(s):
=> Osowiec Mk.II

Structure ID(s):
=> 30090902

How can we help you now:
=> Please change ownership back to TekWzrd

There is ship/base limits on every playfield, you and your son should respect those. To get it back open console and type di then push enter and close console. Then go near the ship, look at it, open chat and type egs:buyback:id and the id number you can see in the box on top of your screen. Make sure you dont have too many same kind of ships on same playfield or it will be taken again by HWS.

Hey milord Ping - thought that might be it but when I count the ships, we dont seem to be over. We have 5 in our faction - so according to my math that is 2 SV’s plus 5 for total of 7 - two of us have the starter SV and Cave Reward SV, the other 3 have starter SV’s or nothing yet, so am I doing the math wrong?

Open map and look at the bottom right corner to see that specific playfields limits. Every playfield got its own limits and i guess your counting the server limits.

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Same as general - 2 BA, SV, CV and HV faction and same private - is that per person in the faction or total? Sorry - not trying to be troublesome here cause HWS has done so much work and we appreciate it - just trying to understand cause if he buys it back won’t it just revert back if our count is wrong?

So you can have 2 faction everything to share and 2 private everything on that playfield then.

Ping I think I have it figured - we have too many ships set to faction instead of private - I will make sure everyone understands - sorry for hassle but thanks for quick response - you rock

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