I need help please, SV spawn issue

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: Cannot spawn SV, server says it is at max bases of 230
Player(s) with issue: Yama
Server: HWS NA
Time (cb:time): Tuesday 26 June 2018 14:40
Playfield: Freelancer Cryo
Structure Name(s): I can be found at “Temp House”
Structure ID(s): 12172982
How can we help you now: Please allow me to spawn in my ship with whatever method is most appropriate, thx

Do you have your escape ship left?
Use it to fly into orbit (need those 2 RCS you get from starter quests). There is public CV spawner you can use (and less cores so you’re able to spawn)

You can also go to HWS Spaceport & teleport to Freelancer X which has (probably) less cores too.
You can also ask if someone is leaving & would take you along off starter

If nothing works, put your stuff in the “temp house”, suicide, select “fresh start” & go get a new escape ship.
You don’t lose levels if you select fresh start in death menu. Just the stuff you got with you.

If the playfield is full, its full. You can only create another ship if you delete a different core. Sorry.

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