I need help please ty

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

**What happened:**My ships got deleted
Player(s) with issue: sclossin
Server: HWS na
Time (cb:time): Write here
Playfield: Solitarius
Structure Name(s):
Storage unit LG (HV), and Titan-S | 5m
Structure ID(s): 3022743, 3986031
How can we help you now: Hello, I got 2 ships deleted. I was on 5 days ago. I thought i had touched everything. However my titian garage ship and a wall storage unit (SV) are gone. Im not sure when, I seen them 5 days ago. I understand that after 2 days there is nothing that can be done. I also know i messed up. Mostly i would like to see if the wall storage unit could be recovered as it had lots of items in it. If you can do, or will do anything please let me know. In addition if not i understand, I will just count it as a learning exp.


I restored them for 110k Credits and 2 RP
Both were not touched for 9 days.

K, ty good deal. I’ll make sure I get in them. I was told just being in the area is not enough.

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