I need help please. Where is my money?

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened:have a bank of the 5 level and on account more than 50 million.Why do not I get a percentage of the bank every day and fraction bonus too?
Player(s) with issue:KB56RUS
Time (cb:time): The last few days.
How can we help you now: Give me back my money and reputation points.

Please check your Player logs over HWS Connect and post any irregular activities here.
Also keep the max interest Formular in mind.

Everything is working as it should be, PM’d you a copy of logs (sorry @Jascha, was “on it” :slight_smile: )

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15-no RP, no credits ,11 -no RP ,9 no credits

we are STILL looking in to it, its a little complicated to research … will be back to you ASAP

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sorry for the wait. Nearly forgot about it. Thanks @DeeExpus
So I checked the logs and everything is ok.
Just two reminders for you why you did not get something:

You dont get Interest if you dont visit the bank:
15.01.2018 09:02:06.381 I kb56rus: Did not get his daily interest since he did not visit the bank.

You don’t get RP if you where not online in the 24 hours before
|14.01.2018 05:53:42|Lawless HQ|Logout|
15.01.2018 08:50–>RP Check
|15.01.2018 09:33:09|Lawless HQ|Login|

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I entered the command eb:interest (At what time do you need to enter and when do you need to visit the server to get RP)

before 9:00 o’clock.

See here:

If you do NOW eb:interest you would get the money tomorrow 9:00 for example.

For tomorrow you get money because you did the command at 9:23 (23 minutes too late for today)

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well, I understood everything, thanks