I need help please - wrong Structure belongings after reset

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: I spawned in our faction base on Earth X7 (Faction BFC) two SV’s and forget to change the belongings to the faction. Later I made a complete reset, so no one of our faction can get access to the SV’s.
Player(s) with issue: Zaronia, Faction “BFC”, Alliance
Server: Server EU
Time (cb:time): Sorry, don’t know ingame. Reset was afternoon 2nd of January. Spawn of the SV’s some hours before I think.
Playfield: Earth X7
Structure Name(s): Earthbase - Name and ID of the SV’s are not available for me (not shown in the list). But there are only these two SV’s in the celler of the base.
Structure ID(s): From Base: 8432777
How can we help you now: I hope You can change the belongings of the two SV’s in the base to our faction - or even to my new charackter after the last reset. If that does not work, maybe You can delete both SV’s, so we can spawn new ones by ourselves. Thank You very much!

Done :slight_smile:

Realy great!!! Thank You very very much!!! :grinning:

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