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Hello , sorry I clicked send before I wrote a message. So I’m fairly new and I noticed all my money is going to a almost 3mill debt. Is this right? And how? I can’t figure out how to make enough money just to pay off my debt. Let alone how I got the debt. I’m finding it very hard to move forward in the game without buying from the market


thats the Tax system. Make sure not to stay in Tax playfields during the 9 am restart (Berlin time), so 4 hours ago.
If you enter that Playfield it gives you always a warning about the Tax.
Also use HWS Connect. It shows you why you got taxed, which Playfields have tax and also what possible tax awaits you if you don’t move your ships.
You for example always stayed in ECC Orbit. That is a taxed Orbit.
I cleaned your debt and gave you 100k for now.

Thank you so much! I will be sure to not stay in taxed systems . lesson learned!

post your bank account number “and EU or NA” and I will send you 1 million to help you out.

Thanks a lot! I will send the bank info as soon as I get home. I tried through my phone but no go

Just remember: Your ingame Bank account number, not your real life one :wink:

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1 Mill sent to your account,
Best of luck Krizzle and enjoy the game


Thank you so much. I’m leaving for trip for 4 days. Do I need to do anything? I don’t want my stuff deleted.

Just make sure they are in a save location and you touched (walked on them) before you go.

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