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erm… invisible ink ?


sorry did not think anyone could read this.

My issue is thst I cant run. Im well fed, healthy, not hot nor cold. I was able to run until yesterday afternoon. I can run in other servers and on single player. The issue is just on HWS NA. Started on 1/12 around 5 pm estern time. I have tried everything from restarting my pc to verifying file integrity.

The funny thing is that when I press the run key the stamina registers and goes down but my character keeps walking.

I would really hate to do a fresh start and still have the same issue. I would hate losing all my progress and possessions. Im also an owner of a faction.

Player name is: Mike Golf Lima.

Thanks a bunch.


@rexxx one for u…

usually starters are lagg based as amount of players / cores, but if you already done the checks / delete playfield and re-download then a further check is needed.


Hmm I don’t see anything strange. But maybe you were too close to the “green wall”. Maybe a corrupt chunk.
I warped you away now. Please let me know if it worked.


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