I need help please

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What happened: warped to Lawless home orbit, logged off. now CV is stuck there, as alliance i can’t get to the ship again
Player(s) with issue: mclordcrumb
Server: HWS EU Seson II
Time (cb:time): last 3-4 days
Playfield: Lawless Home
Structure Name(s): HarvestMoon and docked MiniCab
Structure ID(s): can’t reach it
How can we help you now: teleport them out of lawless area to ecc or alliance hq orbit. thx

Why would you do that?

You’re playing on a pretty feature rich server which is complex to get to grips with initially. You do however need to make some effort to learn its features, some rules and how to at least give us the information to try and solve your problem.

There is no structure on EU server called HarvestMoon, however there is an unnamed CV belonging to you in Lawless Home along with your “miniCab”. Ive warped them both to Alliance Home.

You can find your Structure ID’s HERE

Finally, pressing M in game will show you where you’re warping to and the restrictions applying to that Planet / Orbit … like “Origin Restricted” for example … :wink:

https://forum.empyrion-homeworld.net/c/hws-guide - is your friend.

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