I need help, server loading in hq alliance planet crash

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: Hello, crashed again in HQ alliance planet
Player(s) with issue: bmgmiura
Server: EU
Time (cb:time): 4:20
Playfield: Aliance HQ planet
Structure Name(s): Cruzeiro
Structure ID(s): 13241638
How can we help you now: I would like that cruzeiro “SV” and my char wouild get teleported to space, also delete all my gathering structures from alliance hq planet, the ones that gather o2, bottles etc, i always crash going there so i will gather that stuff elsewhere =) , again not sure if any1 else has this problem, but after this first crash happens you cant log in server, its a constant loop from game to desktop crash with a memory error while loading the server while ur char is in alliance hq planet, maybe its because i have a amd cpu, or only 8gigs of mem , not sure.
Thx again =)

Just set the grafic options lower for the game. The memory issue is a known problem right now. But it will work with lowering the options.
If thats not an option or working, let me know and I warp you out.

Cant lower anymore, its all to minim alrdy =)

and yup doesnt work for me, i cant play if my char is there , even with all stuff lower as possible, might be my pc that its weak =s

Ok I warp you out now

Done.You can login again.
You and your SV should be in orbit

Thx =), delete my structures that gathers bottles there in the planet too if u can =)

Cant do that from here, but they don’t count as structures.