I need help with lag reputation

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: Got stuck of gold on BM in ECC market but it taken my reputation.
Player(s) with issue: Co6upatejib
Server: EU
Time (cb:time): 13:05
Playfield: ECC
Structure Name(s): non
Structure ID(s): Write here
How can we help you now: Write here Pls return 1k reputation. Gold not taken.

Hello @CyIvIpak

this is happening now too often and I can’t make excuses for player errors anymore all the time.
There is a popup coming straight in your face which telling you to pay 1068 RP YES or NO.

You pressed YES. It’s not a game bug, hence no admin support needed.

If you have a video of a bug happened here, let me know.

If it’s about the gold you didn’t receive I will look into it and give you the 1068 gold ingots

iam not get it from window, but yes its drop in my back
when i push YES i think what iam in Market zone

iam noy crazy buy 999 gold for 1k rep

ready return 2x999 gold fr return rep

No! The Bank Zone is NOT the Trading Zone!



If you press YES…

Remember that the ENTER button is also YES.
Next time don’t make ticket.

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ok thx
but i think it must be changed, i mean 1 rp for 1 item

It is a lot, I know. But in HWS 7 season you enter Golden Globe, sell Gold Ore for only 10% tax for 99999 to market and have a free OCD.
If you now sell something it is expensive.
That you can buy globally now is like Amazon “Same Day” delivery. It is more expensive but very useful if you are stuck in orbit and have no pentaxid. Buy 25 pentaxid for 25 RP is legit.

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heh ok u boss u rules :slight_smile:

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