I need help with SV limitation

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What happened:
=> I have a SV (id: 16590418) that i cant destory because itโ€™s close to turret that defend pentaxid in atlantis sector. I tried to delete during 1hour but I could not. Because of that you took the last expensive SV (named Pingu apache) that I made from BP :frowning: I was retrieving the blocks of this SV but now its hws property :slight_smile:

Player(s) with issue:
=> Pingu

=> EU

Time (cb:time):
=> 00:29 02/04/2020

=> atlantis

Structure Name(s):
=> Sidewinder

Structure ID(s):
=> 16590418

How can we help you now:
=> destroy the Sidewinder ship (id : 16590418) and in the best case scenario: give me back my apache ^^ thanks !

egs:buyback:ID to get your sv back!

Have you checked that the destroyd sv is still there?

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Thanks for your answer ! Ok i bought back my sv and put it to faction :slight_smile:

But the sv i lost in against the pentaxid turrets is style alive :slight_smile:
I think the core is still there but the turrets dont destroy it. So i cant approach it anymore to destroy it via the management system (beacause i cant face thoses turrets).
So i need an admin to destroy it I guess :slight_smile:

In the meantime while waiting for an admin response what you could do is try getting within 200m of the vessel and using the chatbot command cb:getshiphere:ID

That command will move the vessel to your location as long as you are in the same playfield and within 200m of it (and you own the vessel of course).
So if there is a hill or something close to the POI you can hide from the turrets then that may work, or you could try digging underground until you get within 200m and then using the command. Assuming you can drill near there of course.

Worth a shot. Its definitely gotten me out of the exact same situation on more than one occasion.

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sorry for the late responce.
I destroyed Sidewinder now


Thank you so much for your reactivity ! amazing server :slight_smile:


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