I quit

I lost a Base, 1 HQ CV (which may or may not be recovered), one battleship and both of my factories are bugged (unusable, caused by CSW on both servers. Problem is serverside) and all of my NA gold. All in a single day, all due to bugs. My house on Nova has 2 annoying bugs and another bug (not annoying). Nothing was lost to PVP, all bugs. When my factory on EU finished the blueprint was not available to spawn, it just disappeared after more than 6 hours of waiting. I’m to the point where I have to reset my NA character now (lost literally everything there to by bugs, have only 1 tiny SV left). Alpha… Worst part is, nobody believes how much I lost today and I know other people lost even more in patch 2.1. I can’t spend another 100ish hours of mindlessly farming meteorites and flipping the market (which is not even possible anymore).

Also the server DID crash at the exact same time my blueprint finished. Admin doesn’t believe me that’s fine whatever. I have proof but why should I bother anymore… Everytime having to proof everything. I could just use one of the many exploits if I wanted to cheat…

And various other problems. Then there are people that knowingly break the rules left and right and I believe I saw someone exploiting a crystal again today and admins can not keep up. On top of that I may or may not lose my BA on nova as well depending on what the admin will decide for Nova.

Also rule #6 keeps bothering me and is unfair the way people abuse it and safely store their battleships on Nova for “refueling purpose” and what not while I have to keep mine under 5k ingots which is really hard. And when we get into a fight in space outside of Nova guess who wins? The ship with more ingots of course! UNFAIR! They must park it in space and they know it. But I’m one of the few suckers who adhere to the rule. Some people honestly don’t know and leave if you ask them. But others refuse or start acting rude. And admins have no time they have their hands full everywhere. And PVP is all about pseudo-exploiting (and building the ship just right), but mostly about pseudo-exploiting.

Silver already more or less quit. Skinner quit, I can’t stay anymore… Just delete all my stuff. I’m sorry the admins were fantastic, the server was fantastic. But this game is so imbalanced, so buggy and you need like several admins online throughout the entire day to keep up with fixing stuff. Impossible. I’m not staying around until the next bug makes my BA/ships go “poof” or until someone breaks rule #6 and attacks me with a ship 10x my size when I leave Nova again. No thanks.

Thanks to all admins and anyone who helped.

Sad to see you leave Tiny, and sorry about my response earlier, you were an good addition to this server ,even tho you was an carebear, but we need em aswell, quiting is not the way to go, we all lost stuff because of bugs in here… but we keep fighting to overcome this swarm of bugs, but the admins can only do so much… without proof anyone can make up some story, i understand your frustration, i been there aswell, yelling at rex for not giving it to me, and today i might have lost to much aswell… due to this damn bugs, they are evrywhere not just nova, evry jump you do to another system is 50/50 to survive or not… admins should boost their admin tool and have some more control to look up these lost stuff if possible, since i know its really hard to get an picture of something when its not there…
But is it really all about the grind? when there is an big ocean of new people to meet and have fun with, i would be as happy with one small cv than an big fleet of em.

When you buy into a game like this you need to go into knowing you could lose anything at any time due to new patches and bugs. That’s just the nature of early access. I’m sorry it went that badly for you but at the end of the day, if you aren’t having fun playing the game with friends or enjoying the solitude and are instead just grinding away, you were destined to burn out. In any case, best of luck.

sorry to see u go look me up when and if u come back i can see if i can help u out, it gets hard some times starting over i get that.

Yeah sorry to hear that and yeah you are not the only one.
Sad thing is: we pushing and pushing but bugs coming and coming.
Giving you your ship is easy, giving you cr and items is easy. But that will happen again and again.
Fact is: we have so many people… this is a situation the devs never ever could simulate in their testing environment. Of course on their official 25 player server everything is shiny and cool…

We can only fight against these bugs with our tool and time - and trust me, it is a lot of time for us.

So yeah I can understand this. If I would be a normal player I would do the same.

Like I said yesterday, as soon as jascha is back and we found a solution for this PvE (Nova) problem we can restore your stuff.
What I generally meant yesterday was this thread: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=67

And about rule 6 I already told you so often so much I am tired about it.


Thanks all. I understand Rex that you are working on rule 6 but this is by far not the main reason for me quitting, I do not blame you, I only blame myself for playing a sandbox alpha game. I fully understand the pressure and time it must cost for you to maintain this server. I honestly do not know how you can keep on doing this next to your job. So thanks for all time you invested in this.

Yes this server has many players and the game seems stable at first but later in the game you keep running into the serious bugs that can easily set you back a hundred hours or so or more and admins can or can not help depending on your luck. And thanks Thranir, yes I was mostly a carebear but never really got to PVP. Also I replicated your ship Thranir :smiley: but it also disappeared in a bug… And I also had some minor bugs while replicating it in singleplayer from all the screenshots. The warpdrive barely fits in (if you account for extra space against plasma but it fits exactly) Yesterday was just unbelievable unlucky for me. You indeed know how to make good ship designs.

Also recording all my gameplay and uploading it and sending it to admins in order to get refunds is undoable for all parties and screenshots only proof so much and still requires a lot of admin work. Not doable. I also just read Rex new thread that state they will not even be doing this anymore anyway. I assume too many people are now losing ships from bugs.

Sandbox alpha games are just not for me. I learned from this. I will stay away from those games. They never finish anyway or they take 10 years to finish during which they are too likely to be abandoned or they add features that are impossible for their engine, cough Space Engineers. Unless I have my own personal pet admin following me 24/7 to fix stuff 24/7 and another one for each other player to check if they do not exploit, I see no point in playing those games.

Sorry for hear you leave.
I know what you feel. today i lost my Capital, small vesel and material stored in the capital, they vanished.
A lot of farming for nothing, but for now I’ll stay in the game because I’m having a good time with friends, maybe it’s because this is the first time it happens this bug.
Another reason is the admins, and their good work.
Take you time to relax and i hope to see you again here.

A greeting from Shadows Alliance.