I set up hv's on an sv on GG and then the whole thing disappeared and glitched onto the poi on GG

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What happened:
=> I set up hv’s on an sv on GG and then the whole thing disappeared and glitched onto the poi on

Player(s) with issue:
=> camlar

=> na

Time (cb:time):

=> golden globe

Structure Name(s):
=> Bluemeanies, berthas, svtransport

Structure ID(s):

How can we help you now:
=> Can you restore the whole thing brand new?

Any chance you guys recorded it?


There was 12 hv’s altogether and a sv

I think what’s somehow happening here is the vessels are being teleported to point 0 on golden globe.
Maybe move the CONQUER POI away from that point? That’d prevent this issue in the future.

a tank drop that failed? oh man gotta love empyrion at times :joy:


I had the exact same issue, attached my ticket, which has a video of when I was teleported there, not sure it if will help Camlar or not Please replace my backpack, super weird teleport glitch - video attacked

I hope so buddy

Sadly we can’t do anything about the lost structures.
But maybe @RexXxuS can check the reason for this.

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Ok… So what are you guys going to do about 12 tanks and a sv glitched into the poi then?

All my stuff is still above that poi, and I have base on gg, if you could just move all the stuff back to that base so i can salvage the losses.

I tried to check but no clue either. Overall the Alpha 12 patch bombed us to Stone Age regarding the Stability and Performance.

Moving the POI has some implications… don’t know yet.

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