I understand the purpose of donations

It needs to be said that I am not the kind of guy to stand around a jerk someone off to boost their ego. I give my truthful opinion, regardless of brutality, right between the eyes, because I feel only a true friend can be brutally honest.

Regarding donations (and a vague recollection of someone mentioning admin making money off donations): Sure I could presume the cost of this adventure called HWS based off limited knowledge of costs of hardware mentioned by admin in previous posts, and very limited experience in server administration. I could assume that there is a bit of money being made on the side. How is this different then someone moonlighting? It seems perfectly acceptable to me. Why shouldn’t someone receive compensation for their work?

WIth that having been said, I DONATE to this server because I believe in the admins creativity and direction with the server, and I want to support and sponser (in the only way I probably can) to encourage its continued development. It is lovely to add little perks for having donated, however I do not forget that original intent for the donation itself.

So I guess all in all, I just wanted to say is thank you for HWS, thank you for sharing your talent, thank you for the little perks we do get for donating, and wanted to mention that even if you globally removed or changed these perks, I would still be in support of this server.


Thanks so much for these kind words Dev!

While I can promise you my bills don’t benefit from your donations, I do take a bit of pride when I help process and see donations coming in as it does show support and appreciation for the work we do here.

I’m sure the guys will have their own words – but I know they bust their asses and every comment and positive but if feedback is a recharge of the batteries!

We :heart:️ U!

AGREED. I don’t think some people realize that honestly even if this money went to owners/admins of the server and not just server cost that it’s ok in my mind. They are giving you an extra service for the features they implement, it’s like paying Eleon money to play Empyrion and then maybe paying them for an expansion pack later. You have tons of other servers, you wanted to come to this one with the cool extra features. These didn’t magically appear :slight_smile: Someone put hours of work to get it to work. I don’t regret a single penny I donated here and never sad that things I donated for change. To top it all off, the admins / owner are making sure it’s not pay to win, every donation only offers rewards in game that you can enjoy but in no way make you overpowered or allow you to stack donations to win.

i don’t regret ALL the donations I throw at this server and I have thrown a fair amount. Well the NPC one I think I should not have purchased as Mine still not been sorted out. Cannot knock our admin thinking big. But with all the changes the devs have done has made admins job so so hard. I do give them a hard time but I do respect them as well. This is now the one game I have ever played more than any other game. If it was not for this server and the admin I would not be still playing.

I donate to help the admins pay for this server. I spend to much time here…

Donated so far…

Planet, Check
Penthouse, Check
70 milllions, Check
Standard donator, Check
4 NPV traders, check

Rexxxus you need to give me more donator packs to buy… i have bought them all.


First Off - No one cares what anyone donates.

HWS Admins provide players with the best Hard Core Empyrion Server there is.
If they bring in more donations than it takes to run the server good for them.