I voted for NA server but can't claim the reward

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What happened: I voted at 00:00 EST July 1st (was the first and only voter at this time because voters list was cleared) but when I try to claim the reward, the message said that I don’t vote since 24 hours… I can vote again, but it will be display as 2 votes in the list for the same day. Actually, I’m not in the 10 voters in the list because I voted at 00:00 am EST or maybe the list was cleared, I really don’t know, but I voted as usual every day. I open a ticket at Empyrion servers website, maybe they cleared the list again after I voted…
Player(s) with issue: Vegas
Server: NA
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How can we help you now: Just ask you that maybe I will have to vote again to claim the reward for my vote or maybe you just have a better solution :slight_smile:

Hey @MissTick

thanks for voting again!
Maybe there was a problem with the monthly reset.
Regarding the database of the vote website I see you have 1 vote but nothing claimed yet.
So I have to search if it is my HWS Connect problem or their problem.

Can you please post a screenshot of your HWS Connect Vote window? Do you see a counter there or anything?

Hey @RexXxuS , I try to find the Empyrion servers API to check the list because I voted at 0:00 EST so I’m very far on the list lol :slight_smile:

I can’t see where I can use the API…

When I find it, I will sent the screenshot to you. Ty

Oh, sorry. I don’t mean the API for you but only the HWS Connect image.
This is mine for example:

If I see your image I know at least at what part of my code I have to look for more insights.

Oh ok :slight_smile:

And I received this “kindly” answer of the guy who maintains the Empyrion-servers website:

"Thank you to open your eyes and use the main menu…

Help/FAQ -> API Documentation

But only the owner can use the vote API. If our system told you that your vote was recorded, your vote was recorded!!"

Really kind this guy! It was not display anywhere on the site that it is only server’s owners that can use this API and see if someone vote or not (but I vote)…

Hope you can find why I can’t reward because I don’t want to ask this website admin.
Thank you Rex

haha… what a nice reply :wink:

Ok… I checked again and the API just returns an empty result back for your user.

So last try for today: can you please click the vote button again + login with your steam details and post the screenshot you get afterwards please?


After that please refresh HWS Connect (press F5) and open the Vote window again on NA.
Then we know more I think.

yes sure I can do it, but I hope the admin guy do not consider I “abuse” of the voting system because I really want to vote every day as usual for your NA server :slight_smile:

Nah, that guy has no clue mate and has no impact on our reward system, no worry.
Thanks for voting!

Oupss I did it again (lol) I voted again and now, I can claim :slight_smile: Printscreens:

And claim available after vote:

It takes few time to display the rewards, so I will see later.

… But now, it appears that I vote twice for the same day… but I’m happy to receive my rewards.

Good night and Thank you:+1:

Update: I received 2 time rewards :slight_smile: 2 RP + 14 K credits. If it’s ok and convenient for you, I won’t vote tomorrow, so it will “balance” the count… Everything will be coming as usual tomorrow :slight_smile: Ty

Thanks a lot for the screenshots!

scratch scratch but very weird and I don’t know why really.
All I do is to fetch the data I get from the API. Maybe the first day of a month is not that stable on their site…

But it worked at least.

Yes it was👍. Considering I received the double rewards for 2 votes yesterday, do you prefer remove one reward in my hws connect or I won’t vote today and keep the reward for today? My “extra” vote yesterday counting for the today’s vote?

let’s see what today will happen and I adjust properly.

ok :slight_smile:

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