I want my ship back

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What happened: I kept getting a message stating that only 2 sv’s were allowed on Edan. I figured the other faction member had 2. I didnt want to lose my ship so I left the faction thinking that would fix it. I was wrong my ship stayed with the faction. I now cannot use my ship. I have everything on that ship. I tried reapplying to the faction but he/she is not on. I tried getting rid of the core but I cannot.
Player(s) with issue: Superwrench
Server: EU
Time (cb:time): 5 pm
Playfield: Edan
Structure Name(s): SV Prefab tier6
Structure ID(s): 33239719
How can we help you now: I would really like to have my ship back. In the very first cargo container is alot of things I own. I dont want to lose it

Hey, I will check it now and set it to as private for you.

Edit: Done. Set to your faction

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