I wanted to know why you cant buy "space" on the NA server

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All the space for donator spaces on NA are already taken/bought.

unfortunate, we were looking to buy a planet and space for our group but they won’t commit to a planet in PVP space

The spaces are already bought out for… this season i guess.

You could try to contact @RexXxuS and ask if you can prebuy a space for next season.
Otherwise then you can just buy a planet which is also really good. You’ll have a teleporter that goes directly from your planet and to/from ECC/Homeworld orbit.

This is in support sector + i pinged rex, so he’ll see this eventually.

Thanx for the info, hopefully he will have another option, if not i guess we will see, first come first serve and all that fun

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Sorry @Grimmstone

As long as we only have the 128GB NA Server, I can’t increase the number.
I can let you know when one is free again - putting you on a “list” so to speak.
Otherwise the best time is on the end/start of a season.

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