I went to claim a Item from the market and it disappeared

I put a offer for a epic sniper (2 offers actually) and it looks like someone excepted one offer. I went to claim it in the “pending” section and it vanished, I was not on elemental market, but the copper I had pending there for about a week or more was still there, I tried to claim it the sniper and nothing happened
( I did not care enough to go all the way to elemental market to get the copper is why it was there so long) so after the epic sniper disappeared and my copper was still there, I went to elemental market to claim them both, but I just got the copper and nothing else I know I bought the sniper because the money was taken from my credit account. I do not know what happened, I do not have much experience with buying things off the market every since they changed it to picking up the item at another location. So im just wondering was this a glitch or is this normal? Am I doing something wrong here? If its a glitch Is there a way to check the logs to see anything bought on market?

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