Iceworld Combat AAR

For those interested, I have posted up my video of the Iceworld raid this past sunday. For moderate security reasons, I have blurred the portions where I was in a different system, but Since editing have relocated the staging area anyways.
Over a period of about 4 hours, LoT set up a base just on the limits of visual range of the main ZC base that we could find. We stockpiled it, flattened some terrain, and loaded up some hv/sv for us to use. We caught ZC’s attention just shy of the restart for backup on sunday afternoon, and this is where the video picks up. Over a period of 4.5 hours, 4-5 people held off 19 Pirates on their own home terrain, racking up 249 kills to zc and acp, and about 40 to LoT guys holding the base. After the playfield shenanigans last time we played with ZC, we decided to bring a bare minimum of cv’s this time, to try and keep the bugginess to a minimum. We also requested assistance from guardians, and offered to hire hunters. No one else came, but we had a blast regardless, which was our primary goal.
I know its not the most skilled pvp you have seen on Empyrion, but Its not too bad for a bunch of traders either, if I do say so myself. I may have gotten a little over excited at certain points, and I think it may well have lost audio in others. So… oops? But anyways, here it is:

I recommend the bits at the beginning, and the last twenty minutes or so.


We were singing in voice channel


Lol This vid shows again how little awareness LoT has.

I guess a dead and salvaged CV yard equates to our main base.

They didn’t bother looking 30m across the dateline which was just to the west of that base where they set up.

All things aside, it was fun for everyone. Good times.

Again, We weren’t looking to root you off the planet. We were looking to cause a little mayhem. So I think we chose the perfect location, thanks :slight_smile:
Hell we didnt even see those cv’s til after we plopped the base. We chose that location because we were able to set up without triggering your intruder log. Which gave us 4 hours to set up. We got there and had the base plopped at about noon on sunday.

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You were trying to steal our CV’s and leave the system with them.

You were discussing how to properly report us for exploiting at the beginning of the video.

You were trying to root us off the planet, you had an entire fleet on standby to bring in but your people didn’t show up.

It’s alright, man, I understand, you need more fuel management.

… It is no secret that I have an interest in blueprints. Have open bounties for some of the good ones. Why wouldnt we try to recore and yoink some cv’s?
When did I say to report you for exploiting? Please tell me a time stamp, I would love to know what you took out of context to mean that I was plotting to get you in trouble.
“Fleet” is a very loose term. 3 combat cv’s that we kept there for POI raids and as backups. If we wanted to root you, why would we bring one at a time. And why wouldnt I have them prepped like I had the ones I arrived in? I just thought itd be a fitting sendoff, since they were outdated, and it might bring some fun. Plus, everyone that was supposed to be there, was. Only other people that could have came was any guardians or hunters who wanted to. But the plan never involved them. Too much drama in the guardians now, you cant get anything done.
And that is the end of the dialogue here. I know you mean it as lighthearted jesting, but it just comes off as derogatory and rude. And I am so done with it.

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Excuse me… no one else came?

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There was a trader faction that showed up in some big ships but they didnt press an attack

Sorry Ranz, I just realized I left you out of the post. Ranzeth was there too guys! he killed many pirates.

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Until I killed him :slight_smile:

thanks for posting. most fun i had this season.

Only watch the first 5 but love am in the ship depo, correction that’s the scrap yard :slight_smile:

Should definitely do it again sometime.