IDK what happend help me

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: Me and my friend were on Eden , the servers says reset server in 5 mins so i leave the server and my friend too, after that we log in and I become Guilty lost my whole inventory and my friend lost his inventory too + I get warped into the space and then back on planet like every 5 sec bcs iam guilty or smth like that i did nothing and get guilty + i lost all my money from bank 103k cca…
Player(s) with issue: Marry My Daughter and Sad Salty Person
Server: Eu
Time (cb:time): 23:15
Playfield: Eden
Structure Name(s):
Structure ID(s):
How can we help you now: give us our items and make me free man not guilty + gime my money

i came on and tried to help him, since he became guilty for some reason, the games warping him back and for from the planet to orbit to different locations… literally cant login… tried egs:nonguilty but doesnt have any rep… so stuck in a circle… advice plz ty

While the back and forth warp result from the pve cycle within 2 pve playfields (and I set you to non guilty again), next time ask yourself why you got guilty.

If you exploit by duping items again you will lose much more than these few credits.