Important: full wipe 30.04. midday (gmt+2)!

Hey guys,

so again a very big announcement but it is needed. Till the alpha HWS ran with very high amount of people and low amount due server hardware tests. We could not patch new cool stuff from the patch since today and have a lot of legacy stuff around.
Also I finally want to make a good balance to every planet so it fits finally to the story which it deserves.
Other than that our Tool will be updated soon with the possibility to trade items with each other and have dynamic prices for the EB (Elemental Bank).
Let’s say: there is no reason to not full wipe and start fresh to have a awesome fundament to start with.

[size=150]That means:[/size]
[li] tomorrow / 30.04.2016 at MIDDAY (GMT+2) the whole server will be wiped[/li]
[li] make BLUEPRINTS of your work now[/li]
[li] everyone starting by level 1, no transfer of items, backpack, factory or EC[/li]
[li] the universe will be a bit harder and the need of taking care of factions will be more important now![/li]
[li] every donator will get all packages again[/li]
[li] we will adjust the wipe times again - sorry. We think due the increased core limit of 170 on HWS we can try only 1 wipe per week. It depends if people 1. split up to the other start planets - not only Earth. 2. don’t camp on Earth / Mars / M7G-677 3. help people to taxi maybe[/li]
[li] DecayTime = 1hour # time after which player-built structures without core or less than 10 blocks get removed when not visited[/li]
[li] WipeTime = 96hours # time after which any player-built structures get removed when not visited (0 = disabled)[/li]
[li] ProtectTime = 72 hours # time during which structures are offline protected[/li]
[li] Core limit = 170[/li]
[li] AntiGriefDistance = 7m PvE: distance (in m) around a faction’s base where no other faction’s base can be built[/li]
[li] we help people who just panic and cry and don’t know what to do…[/li][/ul]

So we know a full wipe is a hard decision but in this case really needed. But we think a fresh start smells like lemon and makes always fun in this cool game, not? :slight_smile:

Jascha & RexXxuS

EDIT: due a 1.4.1 patch tomorrow we want to make everything perfect and wait for it!