Improvement proposal. Disassemble no-man's structures with recycle lvl 5 or 6

Add the ability to disassemble structures without a core. For those who bought 5 lvl Recycle or new 6 lvl.

I don’t understand. Please describe again.

I destroy the core of the POI and want to disassemble the entire building. But I have to do it with a multi-tool …

Ah, I see. Dunno if we can do it, it has potential of abuse.

Doesn’t removing the entire POI mean it won’t spawn back? :thinking:

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@Dr.Dark POI will still appear the next day, even if you disassemble it completely

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What kind of abuse can there be? I also disassemble, but only manually …

When you disassemble manually, you only get 50% of the resources (with some 100% chance, but this chance is very small). Plus, you spend a lot of time on it (more than typing a command).
And the abuse is common. You will enter the game and all the POIs will already be recycled. And Xeno will become worthless (like many other resources).

You are right, at least with ingame mechanics.
Like Asteroids.
But if we do the EAH timetable command “wipe poi”, then we can get all back.
Could still be tricky, if a player built at that position the POI was a base. Then after the server restart they glitch inside each other… all nasty stuff.

But there are bigger issues.

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