Inaccurate Faction_Bonus calculations

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: Player Log is inaccurate: no RP for using the marketplace and shows PvP structures when I have none.
Player(s) with issue: Lizann
Server: NA
Time (cb:time): Multiple, see below
Playfield: Not Applicable
Structure Name(s): Not Applicable
Structure ID(s): Not Applicable
How can we help you now: Here’s an excerpt from my Player Log:

  1. 27 08:50 Faction_Bonus Found PVP structures. No RP received,Did not visit Elemental Capital City. No RP received,Did not use HWS Marketplace. No RP received
  2. 26 08:50 Faction_Bonus Received 1 RP for warping,Found PVP structures. No RP received,Received 1 RP for visiting Elemental Capital City,Did not use HWS Marketplace. No RP received
  3. 25 19:09 Buy_Item paid 5 credits for buying 1 Kavae Coffee from searon9
  4. 25 08:50 Faction_Bonus Received 1 RP for warping,Received 1 RP for no PVP structures,Received 1 RP for visiting Elemental Capital City,Did not use HWS Marketplace. No RP received

1: All my stuff is on PKE and Mio… we have a new member in the faction and he has structures on PvP playfields that were donated to the faction… are those faction-owned structures being counted against my personal RP bonuses? Seems broken as it would discourage any Alliance member from ever joining a faction that has assets in PvP space.

2: So this is the first restart after our new member joined… no PvP structures were detected the day before (#4). However, note that it’s claiming I didn’t use the Marketplace even though there’s also a record of buying Kavae Coffee (#3). I had some trouble with the detection range in PKE and @RexXxuS fixed it… but I also used the Elemental Trading terminal on several occasions and I’ve never gotten the RP rewards for the Marketplace.

Obtaining RP is important for supply packages and for carrying credits between seasons, so I really do need to get to the bottom of this… What do I need to do to get that bonus?

The Marketplace refers to the Black market. That means you have to buy from another Origin. You and searon9 are Alliance. Thats why it did not count.

Yes all faction stuff and your personal stuff is counted.
The only thing not counted is personal structures of other players

Okay, so I’ve got the location correct but I need to make cross-faction trades; check!

Thanks for the explanation on the faction-based stuff; will sort it out with the rest of the faction.

Thanks for the quick response; particularly during all the fallout from the recent patch!