Incentive / reward for PVP building

I see no real reason to build a base in a PVP planet. So what I am suggesting is to have a form of reward (any), if you build and keep functioning a base on a pvp planet.

What comes to mind for me is a boost on AM production, but any other reward would make the pvp scenario a bit more interesting. So post your ideas! :slight_smile:

Good idea - won’t work as PvP is broken and it is practically impossible to prevent a couple of SV’s annihilating your base.

yet again my base has been alive for 1 month now on pvp planet…

Or even the longer you keep it the more amount you get from am. And, who manage to destroy a base gets as well a reward.

You sound like a broken record. The game is alpha. And yes it’s possible to build a base and keep it.

Not broken - just slightly scratched - I think it was Thran :smiley:

thranir, might I suggest getting out of the pool from time to time. It would really help reduce all the pruning of your skin LOL

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