Inquiry on attacks

So NA got some more pvp action, which is good, however, this has gotten us concerned. 2 Players from NBK in the matter of a few hours hit about a dozen bases ranging from earth to elemental worlds and cleared bases, cv’s and ships and hovers. All the while without taking much damage, or causing collateral damage. Now, we on NA are fairly close knit, even the legitimate “pirates,” we talk, help eachother out, have proxy fights, etc. None of us have seen these players on much (Insanity and KrookedKilla 拉面), and while they were on, they had a combined less kills than 20, and less deaths than 10. Now, they could be really awesome gaming gods that I have no purpose in even looking at, let alone speaking about, so if their skill is legitimate, then well deserved.

However: the scenario that I had interaction with is as follows: (TL:DR at the bottom)

I was going to go about mining in my micro CV, and I saw that all was well in EW with our captured POI according to the green indicators from a distance, also knowing that Rezzy had refueled the station and checked ammo levels before logging. I thought it was odd I didnt see his CV icon near the station, so I decided to fly by. Upon getting closer, I saw a silhouette of a CV that might have been his, but still no icon. As I drew closer, I saw that the ship belonged to NBK, and assumed that rezzy parked his cv elseware. The base was still green to STA, but no turrets were firing on the NBK ship (parked about 75m from the station). I warped away to get my combat ready ship an let Jiroh know what was going on, we both suited up an returned.

We found that upon returning, the NBK ship was gone, but they had changed ownership of the station to their faction, and all the turrets started firing on us. We continued our hunt for the NBK ship, ignoring the station. We found the nbk ship as they came up from homeworld. Now, it’s important to note, that the gravity on homeworld is nearly 2.0, and the CV they were using was a leviathan from the workshop, so that’s a massive, heavy ship to navigate on that planet. Anyways, Jiroh an I closed in for combat, and we exchanged blows, found the combat to be very laggy with that many turrets firing, but we were easily outmatching the other pilot’s skill. The other pilot (Insanity on the CV) warped out in combat, then Krookedkilla showed up from the planet in an SV, where we again exchanged blows for a bit, noting his piloting was predictable, although still choppy. He eventually dropped into orbit, and Jiroh an I withdrew a little ways, assuming they would regroup and try again. They regrouped an warped the way back to elemental market where they logged.

Now, today, we were talking in chat with the server and how it seemed everyone had gotten hit by them in some manner or another, but so far the only ones to mention anything of note is STA, 3x6 and BDA. None of these faction’s bases/ships, etc are necessarily “easy” to hit. 3x6 made note that even the interior anti-personnel turrets were left alone, and when I went back to the orbital station, the doors on the way to where we moved the core from the npc location were still intact. I cant imagine that someone on a raiding sortie would replace broken doors or blocks.

TL:DR Version
On behalf of the NA community, we would like to request an inquiry to the legitimacy of these raids.

Thank you,

  • Shadinaxx, founder of Static … C-it-seems

REMOVED hacker-howto

Interesting, could also be accomplished with a clone run off the same computer, even less delay for access (if this is the case)

on a side note, I hate to cause admins extra work, especially if the case results in hacking, because it’s depressing that someone wants to come ruin the creation an admin takes long hard, sleepless nights creating. … abled.html

Holy moly guys,

these fools were not unseen somewhere else too: … e-catchem/

We did almost the same and found almost the same out. They have such a big CV from workshop it would take ~42 hours to make. With components like 2k cores it would take some seconds yes, but in 10-12 hours? Or if they worked like machines together 22 hours? IMPOSSIBLE!
So just let the screenshots speak for themself:







So our next step is to see how they did it. The problem is: there are more smarter hacker out there who don’t be so dumb and play obviously stupid.
What a shame - how sad it is for an alpha game…

Wow, ok, thought something seemed a lil fishy, thank you for investigating :slight_smile:

Thanks Rex for looking into this. These kinds of action take the wind out of your sails. I spent a long time building that base and log in to find a hole in the ground. I’m not the best player but I would like to think my base was better defended than that.