Instant 100 year Ban for accessing random backpack found on Earth

Hi BillyMays here,
Server: HWS NA
I just accessed a backpack on Earth at roughly 10:05PM CST that I found randomly in the woods and transferred the contents to my own backpack. I was immediately met with a ban message until Dec 25th 2101. Obviously I assume this was an error of some sort and would like access back to the server Thank you!

Ah you found Rexx’s secret stash, no cookies for you!!!

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Good morning Billy,

yeah sorry, the 999 ligths was not intentional. Statler was building a racetrack and warped around too much I guess.
Unbanned you.

Now we know what happens when you open the package that says “Do not open until Christmas.”

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Yeah sorry, I docked my laptop, but forgot to plug in my usb Keyboard. when I logged in I was in the air and fell on a raptor. I warped to help someone and forgot all about the back pack. I looked for it for a long time.

Sorry again. I’m glad you took the time to post. at least I know you didn’t rage quit.

Good, now we can continue our transaction :slight_smile:


Oh Whizzle in person. Nice to meet you :smiley:


It was actually a Trap, but not for him -.- Lost the HV I was gonna get him, plus my ship is non-warpable atm. Thanks to Adhogan for spotting me some stuff though!