Internal error spam

So, not too long earlier I got into combat on Saturn. Not a big deal, small skirmish, normal stuff. Unfortunately, when the enemies started assaulting my CV seriously, I started getting spammed with Internal Error Occurred, to the point that I could no longer move or take any action due to the windows continuously popping up. To compound the problem, this happened to much that my game locked up completely, and I had to restart. I was able to restart the game quickly enough, but it spawned me outside the (still functional)CV, and I fell to my death. Since the CV was stuck there hovering, it was picked off without much issue.

I’d like to request that the CV Darkholme be respawned(sorry, no longer have the structure ID). I’d like to upload the logs, but I don’t see any file upload function on these forums. I’m not too salty about losing it fairly, but the fact that it was lost due to a bug locking me out of control is unfair.

edit: I think this is the appropriate log file:

There is a way to suppress this error that was recently posted in the forums. Unfortunately the bug/issue impacts a great many people in many situations who have lost epic armadas in battle getting it.

While you’re not likely to get your ship restored to you, you might recount any other specific details that led up to it.

Who were you engaged by?
What playfield?
What server?
What was your ping?
Workshop BP or custom?
Was the CV damaged prior to getting engaged?
Did it appear that it occurred after a certain amount of damage occurred?


Best of luck!


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