Is Alien Planet actually wiped every night...?

It seems like the Alien Planet isn’t being wiped regularly.

Alien Planet or X7?

They are not the same thing.

Either, both, alienworld orbit, etc. I am specifying Alien Planet in op but afaik the entire orbit should be wiped, right?

Alien Planet and orbit should wipe at 3am EST and have been afaik…

No sorry they are not wiping currently, The performance hit the Alien planet caused meant we had to stop the wipes. rest assured in 5.0 Alien bases/Poi will always be available for people to attack, But they wont be as easy as normal :wink:

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Awesome, thanks Achilles! I’m stoked for the challenge :smiley:

Ahhh. Thats why two trader factions were able to go down, wipe all POI’s, and RECORE THEM then add more guns and ammo. Alienworld is now even more of a trap.

We took a group of 6 guys down to go beat up on some aliens, and get some new guys some combat experience. Needless to say it did not go well. On a related note, OPEN BOUNTY: 100k credits out for anyone who kills a CHT CV, spray paints the words “eat a dick cht” on it, and sends me the screenshot confirming the kill.