Is it possible to Freeze the account?

As stated in the title, i’m asking if is possible to ask for an “Account freeze” in case someone is going to be away from the game for a long time…let’s say 1 month.
Is it possible to ask for a backup and then ask for a restore some time after?
(even with the risk that the backup is not compatible with the new patches and so it gets lost).

What i mean for a backup is:
Save all the PRIVATE ships and bases.
Save all the cargo of the ships and bases.
Save the position of the ships and bases.
Save all the PG info, like credits, inventory and position.
Save OCD and AM (but i suppose that they never expire, so are already saved)

for EC you need to donate to have it saved, and for the private ships, bases etc… yeah they will be gone after an wipe, if evryone get to save their buildings, ships… the server would be dead longtime ago, since it would be no point to wipe the map and evry sector would be filled with buildings.

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Yeah the EC is already saved up to 250k for free and can be ok.
What I would really like to save are ships and cargo, but you’re right, i always forget to think that ppl will find a way to use it as a workaround for some other shit.

So lets say that the freeze is for “long term stop” only, so ppl CAN’T ask for a long time freeze just to jump a wipe, but can ask for a restore only after at least 3 weeks.

And anyway i’m just asking if is possible to save that info, compress them somewhere and then restore them back. I mean if is TECHNICALLY possible…

That is a good question.

At the moment its like that:

  • If you played more then 5 hours or are a donator, your data is not deleted form the tool. Same to your player (inventory, level)
  • Otherwise after 15 days your data will be deleted. But thats only for those, who joined and just left the server.

Save tool data during wipe:

  • OCD, Credits (amount depending on donation), AM are save: also if we wipe everything

Save in game:

  • inventroy, level, etc… these are only deleted by a wipe

So the only things that might be endangered are (without wipe):

  • Save all the PRIVATE ships and bases.
  • Save all the cargo of the ships and bases.
  • Save the position of the ships and bases.

We could backup them for you if wished, delete them ingame and get them back when you come back.
But you might want to consider what happens when we wipe inbetween. Since we might not be able to just copy the old ships into the new game due to legacy. So we could not guarantee ships and bases. Also the position of your base might have been taken by someone else.
Also your player with inventory and level cant survive a wipe :(.

The best option would be: Store all your content in the OCD.
And we will talk about the ship backup/recovery inbetween wipes.

If its long term and way after a wipe that you come back we could even consider to blueprint your old ships (you need the blueprints).

Ok, so the server “full wipe” is still a danger and it’s ok with that.

What i didn’t understood is what you mean with:

What you mean with “your data”?
Does it means that, if i’m a donator, my Ships/Bases will not be deleted even if i not visit them?

So, to semplify things, is it possible to set a flag on a Ship/Base to be “Permanent” and don’t get deleted because “not visited”? (Obviously is deleted if parked in a recurring wipe sector, llike MARS, or if a full server wipe happens).

Right now could be enough to park the ships in a PKx sector (or even hidden in PvP space) and know that they will not get deleted because nobody entered there.

Sorry i think im talking like a programmer xD.

The tool saves additional data of your player, like:

  • OCD, Credits (amount depending on donation), AM

These things are save when you are a donator or you played longer then 5 hours on the server. If not we delete those players after 15 days, to reduce unnessasary data.
With those players we delete also the player file from the game to get better performance. The player file contains your level, inventory, blueprints, and your ingame id.
But someone who considers a “freeze” will never just have played 5 hours on our server, so all off this is not important.

Fact is: Your OCD, Credits (amount depending on donation), AM are allways save in out rool

Ships not :(. Since its a game mechanic, it deletes them on its own. We cant stop that.
We can only make a backup of them and get them out of the backup when you come back. That is possible, but means, that we have to do it manually.

Oh no problem for some code-talkin, i got your same, doomed, fate :sob:

So, about the Freeze function, take it like a suggestion for a “one-button function”, but maybe that in my case is easier to put the cargo on OCD and deconstruct the ships. Less risk for me and less work for you :smiley:

I was just thinking about a stop to end an old “XCOM: Enemy within” game i started right before i bought Empyrion and then come back here.

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Will do thx.
btw: I love XCOM :wink: first Game I bought…

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