Is it so hard to make a cryo chamber?

This is a personal CRUSADE :smiley:

I think my idea is good and easy to implement: Cryo or stasys Chamber
When you have to rush in Real life and you are out in mission with your friends on distant plante as passenger(to pilot SV or manage turrets in CV, in 6.0 this will be more important than have X CV) you have 2 choices:

  1. log out and lose yourself in the planet/space (because your friends have to go home after the raid)
  2. Ask them to bring you back home (loosing time and fuel) and maybe leaving a good fight

I think that my Idea can help into these situations:

The idea is easy, it is a Device like a clone chamber or med bay where you “Save” your character. Then you log out.
When you log in you log in into the chamber even if the Ship Has been moved you are there, you are there and you can exit it only when the ship is stationari. A warning will tell the pilot that a player in a Chamber logged in so he can stop the CV.
WHat happen if the ship is stolen or destroyed or the Chamber is destroyed? Easy, You are dead, you lose your BackPAck and you have only the option of Respawn at home, fresh respawn or spawn in nearest medbay.
And my backpack? The cryo chamber will be like a container, if someone capture the ship can access it and take your stuffs, if it is destroyed it drops a container like the other.
1 Chamber can hold MAX 1 player.
It is full until destroyed or untill the palyer log in and leave the chamber on his feet. So pay attention to log out in Chamber and stay there for ages, Chambers need fuel to work. Chamber can be faction or code driven so you can carry even allyes.

I thin it is an easy to implement and usefull Device.
Pls RexX let the Devs know about it



Love it! then we don’t all have to bring our own cv’s

In 6.0 you stay in the cockpit when logging out. Someone just needs to see if you stay in while someone else pilots the vessel.

If so, then you have this feature now

I’m pretty sure this already works in 6.0. no new devices needed

If you log out and someone move the ship, when you log in you are exactli in the position when you logged out so it is not what i mean

Have you tried it? My ship has been moved after I logged out and I was still in the cockpit when I logged back on.

This is new for 6.0, so have you tried it on 6.0?

i think this idear needs to be impliments so many times when you have to leave to get food or something and you end up in space and you have to get a mamber of your faction to come and find you. its a pain something like this would make it more playable

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seems like a good idea arch, not sure if the player is moved when the ship is moved in 6.0… have not really played experimental (as its still unfinished and will be bugs), but the idea is a grand one esp if the ship warps to and from a destination, but i’m sure that ppl will take this for advantage and prob find an exploit for it, but new mechanics for 6.0 which i still dont understand… yet…

This could be good for transporting players to and from planets / systems safetly, but it could avoid the player death count even that the contents are kept safe in this ‘cryo chamber’ unless its destroyed…

we’l see what happens :stuck_out_tongue:

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I tryed it in Experimental server 6.0 yes THe cockpit does not work as cryo, if you move the ship you loose the position

I guess a work around for now is set home put all your stuff in a locker, log out. Log back in suicide spawn at home :stuck_out_tongue:

yes maybe BUT if you suicide you lose rep point and maybe CR in the future(to buy the cloned corpse) so…