Is The Bank Messed Up?

Last night I did eb:cointocr with about 450 coins but as of this morning, no increase in my bank. It did leave my inventory. I also put in 10 am fuel and they ain’t showing up either. Lost In Space?

Did you calculate the Tax?

No but even with tax, not one credit shows up in the bank. And all 10 drill packs should have went in am.

26.12.2016 05:20:22 76561197972056890 TARKUS Eat_Coins Bank: 1138928 -> 1160678 Gold Coins: 435
26.12.2016 05:27:59 76561197972056890 TARKUS Eat_Coins Bank: 1160678 -> 1161178 Gold Coins: 10

All good

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