Is there an actual tentative date and time for 6.0

I’d like to move some stuff around scheduling wise and was wondering if there was an actual date in mind for this release?

Not really and most likely it will be delayed since yesterday EXP3 should be released. For now “maybe next week” is all we have.


No set date, We understand a date Eleon was planning but of course this can change, it has the past few releases always being delayed, even if its only by a day or so.

So just assume that a week from today 6.0 will drop, i would get all the big affairs in order for OCD etc and worst case if it is delayed just go around rampaging and being trigger happy.

If players ever wanted to try PVP the last week of a build is the best time because no one cares if they lose ship!!!

maybe even jump in creative if you have disassembled majority and there is a dealy, i mean im sure you could do with a new 6.0 ship or base :wink:

maybe jump in single player survival, from what we’ve given a way surviving is going to be a lot more challenging for some origins, if your aim is to jump ship quick and get into the ‘active universe’ maybe time to sharpen those skills and drills :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for responses

me and my peeps are thinkin this friday maybe, hws staff is being very tight-lipped<
on the info they have for me its thursday night , will be friday very soon here so ill just cross me fingas!

We still have EXP4 to come and then a ‘bug fixing/balancing’ stage. Thats a lot to get done by tomorrow.

Well it is no surprise but it had to be delayed. No exact date yet but all I can say: it is good!
We are finding still important fixes and polishing the game everywhere.

It is the biggest release ever - few more weeks won’t hurt.


You hear that guys “few more weeks won’t hurt” SO STOP YELLING THE END IS NEAR!!!

Glad to hear you guys are taking your time to make everything great!! That’s what I expected, a lot of people are killing the server by crying the end is near so please announce this in game!

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It does seem the player numbers have dropped off since announcement of the impending wipe
and release of 6.0. This is to be expected, however it may impact the new player base as some
may get wrapped up in other games.

It breathes though. Numbers swell after every update gaining more than was has been lost.

If its like 4.0 expect the comnunity to double again.


yea i think they are trolling us, because last weekend they said its coming in a week, which would be now. so im still expecting it tonight, or this weekend. but im not gonna play this weekend, cuz im going out of town for a bday weekend, so maybe have fun guys!

Not more then the game is empty and noone is playing it anymore. I dont think you even are going to get everyone back.

this delays are bad for the game.

And ofc i am not blaming you but someone should tell the devs that they are killing the game.

Everyone is going to other games now.


@RexXxus. the banner is out of date if the game releace is gogin to be a few more weeks.
I Know that FDM may not come back to play it as the patch is taking too long to come out. i also know of two or thrr other people who have said there not comming back maybe the devs can give you an aprox time line so peole can look out for it and not just keep looking for it

Guys, if you can’t wait or even dare to blame the Devs for giving 24/7 all what they can then please go away and play minecraft or anything else! And don’t come back if you think an alpha game is developed as you wish and fast and stable…