Is this legit or some kind of bug?

So me an a friend had a heavily armoured fully ammod up base, along with a couple of CVS all of which were fully fulled as well, however our base has been found in deep space 25k out, and somehow 2 guys have taken it down…how is that even possible when bases are supposed to be hard to take out with a CV? can you guys look into this? heres the intruder log,

So WSB are the ones you find suspicious and what base you are worried about? ID / Name?

25km is find-able its not too far out, also 1 cv with an arty can take any space base, becuase the ship can dodge the base can’t.


its the base called HOME i just felt ammo draining came into play here…

Not neccesary or accurate. Your intruder log does not show them dying over and over again, which is the hallmark of ammo draining. The real culprit is this:

25k is not NEARLY far enough to be secure from roving explorers with too much time on their hands. And I am sorry, but no matter how much you armor a base, 1 player intent on destroying it can take it out with a moderately chunky cv every time. Let alone 2. I have seen it done, and done it myself on several occasions.

true im mainly thinking about how long it took, to how they probs just did fly bys till the ammo was done.

It’s way easier than that… base killing in orbit : 1- find the artillery’s blindspot. 2- make a 1.5k distance between your cv and the base. 3- get closer to the base till your arty can start hitting (longer cvs help d=1.3k - 1.2k) 4- start sniping with your arty and if you’re too lazy use auto-targeting (turrets for example) and if you’re lucky toggle to core if it’s within reach.
My point is, with a cv equipped with 2 arty turrets it’s a piece of cake to take out bases in orbit to the point where you might not even take damage or get shot at (your issue about ammo) Which is why you need at least a 50k distance away from the planet in a given orbit.


Base’s would need a buff of turret range + a lot of projectile speed else there is no ways in hell they can defend them selves its super ez with minimal movement to sit in arty range and just dodge xD

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