It is necessary to move the building

Good time of day. Need help administrator (@Jascha or @RexXxuS) to transfer the building. I printed blueprint into the prepared place, but I dont know how, it rotates on 90 degrees, and half of base appears behind red wall. How this happened I don’t know. As I know in last days of HWS 4.0, I hear u jet possibility to move structures. Could u help me, and move my from Red Zone?
Structure ID: 2510003

Sure could do that. If urgent, I would just move it a bit away from Red border- without looking at it ingame.
Otherwise I will do it tonight and do it right.
Biest is if you are online that moment. Just let me know when you are back.

Can be postponed until the evening. And most importantly, you need to place the building along a red shield, back to back. Far away, in the chaotic manner of positioning is not necessary.

Ok. Then we will do it together ingame. Should be no problem. Just make sure no other objects (ships/bases) are touching the base.

Well. I will prepare everything and will write in the evening on the forum on readiness.

Jascha taking advantage of this topic, you and Rexx could ask the Devs to implement for the Bp structures the same thing they did for the blocks, the visualization of them before we put it would be infinitely useful for all, mainly to place underground bases … Today it is horrible to plant bases without having the slightest notion of how they will stay on the ground …

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hell yeah!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE… and for ships too??? :slight_smile:

True. I will give that further

I’m in, in the game. Waiting for help if it is not too late in time.

I will be in the game in 2 hours. It would be super to solve this problem.

Ok. I will be here too. Just pm me here please and write in server chat if I dont notice

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