It wont let me get out my cash from bank on HWS NA?

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**What happened:**it wont let me get out my cash from bank on HWS NA
**Player(s) with issue:**me
Server: HWS NA
**Time (cb:time):**Now
Structure Name(s): Write here
Structure ID(s): Write here
**How can we help you now:**Let me in my back

it say im in the wrong sever but im not ?

Cool so by the time this is fixed I will not be able to buy what I need cuz it will be sold just grate even throw I have the right one on the rite sever that’s just great so much for doing what I want to win I what too.

Because the tool detected that you are currently on another server.
@Jascha has to tell why it thinks you have to make a CSW.
I removed the flag for now, so you can use chatbot commands.

ok ill do it now

your the owner of this sever how can i get to talk to you about the game and stuff like on discord or something

so if i do a CSW will it happen anymore?

Send me a PM in the forum here or Discord.

I recommend waiting for @Jascha response but on NA you can already use the chat commands (bank stuff etc.)

Keep in mind if you do a CSW you will overwrite your EU character and all kind of bad stuff happening.
This all mostly happens if you didn’t read the guide here:

Cross Server Warp (CSW)

ok i can now but i was need to talk to you a bout the CSW in voice chat on discord im 34 year old but cant spell so good ?

and i lost 5 mill last nite doing the CSW dont what it to happen agin thats alot of cash man?

I need to voice chat with some one befor i do a CSW again so if you can help me out with that it would be cool.


The problem here is: You warped to EU and thats where your Character is/was. You forgot to warp back to NA at the end (even though you warped back and forth a couple of times).
Rex activated your character on NA again. If you want your money from your bank that you put in on EU, then just CSW to EU, do eb:payout and CSW BACK to NA.

If you get that message you did something wrong since it means you forgot to warp back via CSW. Just keep that in mind for next time.

ya but the 5 mill was in my inventory and after the CSW back the cash was gone on both of my player and now its gone i dont know if ill get it back and want to make sure that dont happen again at all thats a lot of cash man?

its not like its free i had to work my butt off for that cash just for it too be gone i dont know how to take that

See the other ticket.

I close this one.