Items deleted due to missing the 9 days by 4 hrs

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: Deleted items due to missing the 9 day mark by 4 hrs.
Player(s) with issue: sclossin
Server: NA
Time (cb:time): Unvisited 9D 4Hrs
Playfield: Solitarius
Structure Name(s): Titan-S | 5m 26675796 Storage unit LG (HV) 2667579 =BA-106=Taurus Outpost 1357391 Farm Station Alpha 3310106
Structure ID(s): 26675796 2667579 1357391 3310106
How can we help you now: Please restore if you can. TY.

Morning @sclossin

I can restore but who should get the invoice of 42 189 840 credits send to?
MCProuty would be a good candidate :wink:

And that ID couldn’t be found btw: 2667579

So it might be even more expensive.
But maybe we can do a quantity discount before the season ends

2667579 should be 26675795.
But i cant afford 42 mil. so don’t restore them. only thing that had anything of worth was Storage unit LG (HV) 26675795. I had not moved the items into OCD yet. The rest was just ingots ammo and plants. Not worth the price. But thanks anyway. MCProuty would kill me IRL over that much money.

Ok, restored that one then.

ok, hope not 42mil price tag. I hope that LoT is more active next season. This slow season (for LoT) has cost me a lot of credits.

Thanks RexXxuS

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only 55k. You are welcome on HWS. See you next time.

I agree, LoT needs to return as well. Need more large factions instead of splintered ones.


I forgot that I have some very important items on =BA-106=Taurus Outpost 1357391.
How much to restore it?

9 483 750 credits and 3 RP.

well ill just buy the Alien cores if i need them. Do not restore it. That would be 1/2 my credits. But thank you for your help.

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