Jugs limits

In theory it seems like a good idea but the 100 limit also effects the water gens. All in all its a real pain to transport so many jugs when the amount required is quite high now.

Can we bring it back to 999 or something reasonable.

I just realized in creative the stack is 100 i thought it was a server side change.


Was the stack of 100 in creative without using server config? I know some just use server config as default, in order to build stuff. But if you don’t have the config then its prob not server side.

I will consider it for the HWS 8 Config.

If it would be only for convenience it wouldn’t be that good but I see improvement of performance here by reducing the need of placing many water generators in the water which are buggy anyways.
So sounds good for now.


rexxus in the 8.X build for now uses the water generator for everything Water , Oxygen and Hydrogen soooo… we will be needing lots and lots of water jugs

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Yes default settings