Jump to the wrong faction and now my ship is stranded Off Topic

Idris 28721309 cv ECC Space 3000 7000 3000

Light scavenger HV, Wend 28849320 No hv ECC Space 3007 7009 2973

Bebop Warp Core 28249254 No sv ECC Space 2997 7009 2980

vhslagter GAL Alliance 17

I also wanted to say that you have done a very good job. I congratulate you very much. It is getting better and better to be in the HWS.

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Thank you! Glad to hear.

About your problem. What exactly can we do for you?
You are still in the GAL faction and the ships are also in the GAL faction.
You are near these ships.
Don’t see a problem?

Will not let me move the ship I will go back to try to see what happens.

It does not let me move.

But the ships you mentioned like this 28721309 are in faction GAL. Are you in faction GAL?

yes Yes, I am the owner, desafeccion.

Then I’m wondering why you shouldn’t be able to use them. Both are in ECC Space.

I’m looking but I see that there is another ship inside my ship.

ahh, ok. Easy. Then please use the cb:getshiphere:28249254 command.

Okay I fixed it by means of the web page that moved the ship towards me and it was fixed thank you very much.

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