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The recent pole showing more pve on the pvp server at first worried me, but I took a trip to the pve only server and found only 4 people playing… I found this interesting and I would like to make my own pole for fun to see play styles if you guys care to vote :slight_smile:.

Play Style:

  • (Extreme) Live permanently on PvP, relying on allies and skill to defend and secure your wealthy planet.
  • (Hard) Live permanently on Alternating PvP - PvE Planets, defending only on certain days.
  • (Moderate) Live on alternating PvP - PvE Planets but constantly be on the move as too avoid Living on PvP.
  • (Moderate) Live on very poor PvE planets, travel to dangerous planets for resources or dangerous trade hub.
  • (Easy) Live on very poor PvE Planets, Travel to perfectly safe Trade hub, or dangerous planets for resources.
  • (Minecraft) Live on Rich PvE Planets, Travel to perfectly Safe Locations with 1 place for PvP.

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Unfortunately, your poll lacks any basis in fact, as least as far as the HWS NA server. There are no rich planets, at least by prior standards, in PvE or PvP. The lack of PvE resources makes it unwise to risk anything in PvP.

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As for going to the “pve” server It’s not linked to the main servers, so we can’t just go over there and pick up where we left off, we’d have to start over completely. Alot of us have spent quite a bit of time accumulating resources prior to the wipe, so we’d at least have a little to start off with, and moving to the PVE server is out of the question for alot of us.

I’m in agreement with Arctic on this one. there’s not enough resources to go around

This is not based in fact’s this is based on what would be your choice if these where the option’s, deductions can be made from these options its not linked to how the universe is now…

Seems you’re missing a lot of options regarding space living.

I feel that space living could fit into any of those options as it isn’t restricted at all.

Yea i understand what your saying, there is a big disconnect between being rewarded for taking risks but at the same time needing those rewards in order to take those risks because the competition is so rich already, I suggest being sneaky and raiding resource planets and running when you see someone until your wealthy, there is actually a hell of a lot of materials on them.

Poll lacks one option I think it should have. And it is. PVE only for weak after they have gained enough RP, materials or are in big faction they cant enter PVE at all.

Can’t edit poles after they have been made T_T, o well, but from what i can see most people like some danger which is nice :stuck_out_tongue: