Just joined and

Yeah! At least i joined the forum.

I opened this thread only to say thanks:

-Thanks to the admins and the server owner, your dedication to the server is awesome and you truly deserve gratitude from every player playing in it.
-Thanks to the community, from the first time i joined, you always have been so gentle and answered newbie question so often…so…thanks for your patience.

And the last but not the least, THANKS A LOT to faction ROR and to Smudgebear, for taking care of me, for giving me ships for free…for giving me a T2Drill when i didnt know what was it etc etc…

P.D: Sorry Smudgebear, the SV you gave me, bugged and i think when i finally reached Milky Way Nova the SV that was docked in my CV dissapeared and i died inside somekind of ROR base…because of the new patch.
With lucky you will find my backpack inside that have 200+ gold coins, i managed to kill nightmares and mine a gold meteorite in Mercury before i reached Nova.
Feel free to take that gold coins in repayment of your kindness. Thanks again!

P.D2: Sorry for my english, i try hard to write, its not my main language as im Spanish ^^

Welcome ! :stuck_out_tongue: