Just wanted to say, Thank you HWS!

Just wanted to say how nice HWS is of a server. Very proffessional and has a lot going for it, always has. I have many many great memories from HWS. XD I have met many many people from HWS, lots of different types. I have also got to know multiple EU guys that are now in Op4. It’s cool because you have NA AND EU to play on using CSW "BIG THANKS to @Jascha for working on CSW 24/7!! Allows you to meet more and more people, allows you to do more and more. Love it! I love that @RexXxuS isn’t an immature ■■■■■■■ that thinks “It’s my server we do what I want” and he allows community to help him make decisions. That’s also very nice!

The restrictions are nice here, I used to complain “Why can’t I have 20 bases on this hill with a zillion guns!?” but after playing on some other servers let me just say a couple things here:

I have had admins of servers live on PVP and get upset when I destroy their bases… “make stupid complains, call me a exploiter and ban me” that’s one example of a crappy server. Here’s another, I am raiding admin bases on this other server… I open the garage up and WHAT DO YOU KNOW!!! Colin2Cold’s SHIP is parked in his garage!!! Tell me that’s not crazy or what! haha… I go to global with “Why does admin/owner have my ship parked in his garage on PVP?” he responds “I wanted to make sure it was legal”… It had been re painted from my original version… I said in global “Okay man you needed to re paint my ship to “check it”??” and that’s when he responded “It’s my server I can do whatever I want”… When I told the community that it upset me… Told everyone that it was wrong what he was doing. He said “Lol bye” and banned me for 200 years. These are just little examples of why other servers have NOTHING on HWS.

I had these things happen recently and wanted to tell @RexXxuS how much I appreciated his server and all he does for us. Let me go on here, I PVP’d on a server with NO limits … I went to a planet to raid this massive base… what do you know core limit reached on planet “No base for colin2cold’s sled to NOT get shot to shit while I fight” … so I suck it up and decide “Who needs a base for protection when you have HV’s” … I get shot out of cockpit… go to spawn SV. can’t spawn because of core limit reached… Some guy comes flying over me with 40-50 HV’s docked on it and drops them on me. I lag out and can’t log back in until all my stuff is wiped and gone. That is prime example of why the restrictions are here. I LOVE the restrictions on HWS after having to deal with stuff like that.

Size class, let’s talk about that… I bitched a lot about Rexx lowering the size class… well guess what guys? I played on server with size class 9… I made SV’s bigger than the ones I fly already… my ships were UNKILLABLE. Imagine 30k block SV flying above your base raining rockets down on you. A SV that shoots a turret 2 times with rockets and it’s dead… SV last 30 minutes above turrets. Nobody can handle that, no base of no kind. The only bases that would handle that are the bases that lag you out and you die due to DC.

So overall what I’m getting at is HWS is all around THE BEST and I can prove it on a larger scale. XD I am glad @RexXxuS doesn’t run the server the way “He wants” and allows community to have a voice. I used to complain about Rexx not listening to community enough but after dealing with stupid stuff like that I take back all the stuff I’ve said about him! hahaha… Imagine Rexx blueprinting your ships, taking them out for combat and using them, and when you ask him about it he responds “It’s my server I can do whatever I want”… That would NEVER happen in a million years on HWS. I will continue to play on HWS and I hope anyone reading this that might be away from the game/server due to changes will come back!! The POI’s on HWS, Let me add in there… are 10x better than any other server!! The other servers use the crappy ones the game comes with… Rexx uses bad ass POI’s that are all custom built by @Achilles the guy who did a awesome job on the POI’s! Excuse my language but I am very pleased with HWS, very appreciative as well. I did some bouncing around when I was bored, but I will always stay true to HWS!

So let me just wrap this up now, HUGE Thanks to @RexXxuS, @Jascha, @Achilles, @hopskotch and last but not least @Apona !! If I missed anyone please let me know! :smile: I hope you all enjoy playing on HWS and I hope you all know how much the HWS team does for us, it’s a lot!


You know, I am appeciative for the community we have here, even though 3/4th of the time the other players despise OP4 and allies, it makes for a fun experience.

Furthermore, you are all a bunch of dicks for not being appreciative of our admins who are always helping us out. They don’t have to give back the CVs that are claimed automatically because you didn’t heed warnings, give custom SVs and HVs to sell, provide the tools that make HWS it’s unique identity.

Sure there are other servers, but each community is unique. It’s pretty bad when both Colin and I get banned from other servers for complete BS reasons, but here we are treated equally, no judgement for playing the game with and without its flaws.

So yes, thank you admins for the great server and the loss of any sort of social life you had.


Easily best sever

Sorry that some of my thoughts have come off as complaints. If I have disagreed with something I said my piece at times. Sometimes I have been too opinionated ill admit that.

I havent done much trash talk but I have done some. In regards to some players feeling that there is too much trash talk.

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p.s. Thank you HWS

errm I don’t know where to start. Did someone hack @colin2cold account as this was a nice post.

I agree with pretty much everything he said. I love our admin they do a superhuman job and although I argue and moan some of the changes they make I know they are just trying to making it better. its also worth noting a lot of things I have suggested and other people the admin try to implement.

So I wish to say thank you as well to our @admins

Edited: thanks…


Thanks guys and I saw the video @colin2cold

There is a reason why I have the strict policy that no admin “plays” on HWS. In general respecting players and improve it.

As I just wrote in the other topic: some things are not so cool, mainly the limits but it is for now the only way to be on the same level as the game’ performance and overall fun for everyone.

We basically spent over 5000 thousands together to not have a 0815 server and really trying to make the best out of Empyrion.
Sure, not everyone likes it and maybe we could have spent less hours into it but well, for now “worth it” I guess.


Yeah! Developers should take as an example what the RexX is doing. BTW new class 1 SV\HV and 3 class CV\BA is still very good idea. (I make tests in the creative more than 20 hours – rebuild over 20 ships. And “new” class 1 = class 1.5* old. If we do not use massevly inside pyramids and slope)

No doubt HWS is the best Empyrion server i’ve played on.
It brings a completely new way of playing this great game : mods are nice and well-balanced, the community is really friendly and most of the players are fair and available to help the noobs, and our admin team is working hard everyday to bring us more and more satisfaction.
Thanks a lot guys, Empyrion wouldn’t be such a great game without you !