Kick option - Faction

Hi again Is there a way to kick players that dont log or play more in your faction?. I know you can do it if they are online but what if they dont play anymore?

Thank you.


technically we could solve this problem but since it is let’s say “social life” we don’t want to step in this. Why you wanna remove them if they are inactive anyways?

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because there is one we dont trust :smiley:

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Oh mister RexXxus. The thing is that we have a faction member that only was playing getting our resources to build stuff and them goes off and never play or give the resources back. Last time was a bit agressive with our other faction members and never loged back again.

Since we cant add password codes on storages we are like trying to hide things all the time. Or worry if he takes our ships. Hes not coming to play again so we cant kick him off the faction and we are worry that if he logs again and start taking our stuff again.

The only thing he was having was a ship and a SV ( made with our resources) that we savage also. So nothing less…

Thats why I was asking this.

Thanks for read this post.

Hmm I see.
I just sayin that this could become a potential drama if members want to kick a leader for example. Or just a member. Not your case but imagine he was playing normally, had fun, mining all he could and next day he was kicked out of faction.

So that is why we normally don’t want to step in such things.

If you can PM me the name of that player and I check a bit his player. Then I can remove him from your faction.

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Your right and I agreed.

I wish we can have passwords to our storages or ships that work in faction. Maybe this will fix all this issue and prevent that drama of kicking players and well… good point.

Ok I will pm you with all the info. And dont worry if he ever log again and start drama. I can give him a ship ( as a gift) for him to start the game by himself and continue playing … Im writing that here also as evidence of my word but I dont think he will come back. Before this we asked him that if he will play or about the taxes or maybe if he will place back all the resources he got from us…he says … I dont know / i dont care.

Thank you!

Well you can set your stuff to private. Make a little SV within your base, call it “SFT Bank Spirit” and make it private. Only you can enter it then.

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We try that but on trader planet by having it on private the taxes goes to heaven

I hope that someday the game fix the password code on storages for faction :frowning:

Thank you very much for all the support :beer: