Kicked off server; A problem with Playfield

What happened:
Player logged on, and got a message:
You cannot connect to the server: There is a problem with the server for your playfield Jemo Orbit.
I logged in, and warp to the same orbit and got the same message.
In EAH, stopped & restarted the server; same issue
In EAH, unloaded the playfield, restarted the playfield, same issue
Warning listed in EAH: TMD: Event Error PlayfieldConnectionNotFound seqnr Request_Playfield_Stats

Server: Private Server
Playfield: Jemo Orbit
How can we help you now: Hoping that you can give me some insight on how to fix it, if its EAH related


sorry its not EAH related. Something on that playfield is corrupt.
Either its a structure or a setting. I guess a structure.

What you can do is:

  • Check what structure is directly at the player (it must be in reach of dsl, so maybe 1000meter)

If thats hard, try this:

  • Remember the coordinates.
  • Warp ~1000 meter away from there via EAH (while you are offline)
  • Login (usually it should work now)
  • Slowly go to that coordinates.
  • It should kick you as soon as a certain structure gets loaded.
    You would see that structure maybe for a sec light up ingame. Via EAH-Map, or the structure list, or the Coordinate list you can find the structures there.