Kill leaderboards

Please be advised that there are players farming themselves or eachother or alt accounts… Check the logs and IP addresses if you care about the legitimacy of your Kill leaderboards.

Recommend that you start checking it for abuses or trends.

Can you provide more details?

NA or EU server?
Specific factions?

I can pretty much assure you the NA boards are legit.

TCB Tripwire got an early kill lead slaughtering new spawns the first week and has been fighting the Horde and ganking the entire season.

ABNs Broxa, Kittez, Cardboard, and Solid Snake fight the Horde daily and gank lots of non Horde players in BH, HW, and Titan.

Horde on the NA killboard fight the Empire daily and also gank non Empire players in BH, HW, and Titan just not as much as ABN.

That makes up 9 if not all 10 of the NA killboard rankings.

if I was killing alts I wouldn’t be as low as I am now. lol

specifically which players are you suggesting are farming alts?
I’d love to know. and what evidence do you have?

There is no price… why care when people loose rp to be a slave?

Still waiting on some evidence. Isn’t it against the rules to accuse people with no evidence? Or are you saying you know of your own faction or alliance members doing? Please explain and provide evidence.

my comment above… who will earn from this?

Just ePeen girth and length.

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RP loss to RP give… where is the issue?

I am applying for police, so just want to learn here… i do not see the problem with this… For me it is giving RP from one player to another! No one gains on this except the killer

It completely takes away the spirit of competition in pvp. Many of us are competing on the kill leaderboard to be the top killer in the season.

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Thank you for a good reply. Ps: godzilla part 2 out now

I got no skin in the game… What the harm in checking the logs? @RexXxuS @Jascha

I haven’t even accused anyone, nor do I have evidence. I think in 5.0 we had the debate on farming players in the newb areas didn’t we? I remember almost getting banned for doing it. Atleast some here admit to doing it this season

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if you want attention the Support forum would be easier. We don’t get a ping here unless you ping us directly.
As Dreadstar mentioned: Please provide further infos so that we can investigate.
If you don’t want to put them public, then send us a pm.

So you admit you are just stirring the pot for no real reason? Why?

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another thread on this lol - I’ve been away for 2 weeks in Lanzarote and im still top of the EU kill-board. If ppl are really alt farming then they’re pretty ***ing sht at it dont ya think?


Recommend that next season only unique (x1 per steam id) kills count towards leaderboard.

Reason: People cannot farm people/alts/own faction over and over… and it stops players from griefing new players.

Killing your faction or alliance mates doesn’t contribute to the kill board anyways. As far as alts go there’s not much you can do about it but I know for a fact that none of the people on our side has done that, which accounts for 8 out of the top 10 slots. So are you suggesting that your two people are doing this? Or are you just trying to stir up some more drama?

If I was going to do it, I would use alt accounts. But again I have no skin in this game… I am not in the leaderboards… I am not even sure I have a confirmed kill.

[Edit] go in the corner and think about the noobs who have been camped. Then come back over and join the discussion.

It might not even stop people from griefing but atleast it doesnt encourage it.

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Now that I can totally understand and completely get behind. Although in my experience, when I jump a lot due to multiple kills on the same target, it’s not a case of farming noobs but protecting my loot. If I destroy a ship I’m going to want to take it or it’s containers. In those instances people have continued spawning in trying to get to their ship in which case my ships turrets kill them again. I wouldn’t go as far as saying people are abusing that system however.

I think itd be a reasonable adaptation to the kill count logic to ignore duplicate kills on a player during the same day. Can anyone think of a reason that wouldn’t be acceptable? Might nudge it towards being a counter of actual successful fights, instead of being skewed by respawn spam and the like.

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I wouldn’t do it in the same day, but a grace period could be nice. 15-30 minutes after kill = no credit.
I’ve had multiple battles with the same person in a single day, all fair fights.